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Types of braces and how long you should wear them.

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Since it is very uncomfortable to live with a straightener, many people have questions such as, “How long should I wear my braces?”

However, even with such inconvenience, many people are concerned about orthodontics because the evenness is an aesthetic element that can not be missed by a beautiful smile.

Process of wearing brace is, oral examinations > consultation with dentists > oral examination > orthodontic diagnosis > orthodontic treatment > orthodontic brace attachment > wire replacement. In this process, if your set of teeth are not bad condition, you can take off brace about six months later. But usually, it takes about two years to take off.

Type of braces is classic metal, Damon clear, clippy-c, Invisalign and lingual orthodontic.

Metal braces are the most common device, and it has the advantage of high efficiency. But it has weakness in view. This method is appropriated to kids.

Damon/Clippy-c/Clarity Advanced are the braces that make up for the weak points of metal brace. These braces have no process of setting wires, so they have less pain and a short time for treatment. Usually proper to salaryman or students.

Invisalign is a method which it has bracket and brace. This method makes the thin plastic model of your teeth. You have to wear it 20 hours a day and should change it periodically. It has the advantage of hygiene and removable, but you have to wear a long time.

Lingual orthodontic is a method to search brace and bracket inside of teeth. It’s expensive than any other way so recommended to who has a great schedule like a wedding.

You should choose with your doctor. Get back your smile with suitable orthodontic!


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