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Total canthoplasty

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Total canthoplasty

Type of Anesthesia :
Operation time :
Hospitalization :
Recovery time :
1 Week
Average Price (USD) :
$894 ~ $1,160

Canthoplasty makes a significant and charming eye. There is various type of canthoplasty, such as epicanthoplasty, lateral canthoplasty, and lateral hotz canthoplasty. Depending on the condition of the eyes, one or more surgeries are combined to complete beautiful eyes.

There are four types of canthoplasty.
Epicanthoplasty: Removes the epicanthus, and corrects the eye shape.
Ptosis correction: Exposes eye line or double eyelid line at the front of the eye.
Lateral canthoplasty: Enlarges the lateral width by having incision the outside of the eye.
Lateral hotz canthoplasty: Increases the vertical length of the eye and correct it with neat and attractive eyes.

It is suitable for people who have distant from each eye, those who have a short length of the eyes, those with sharp eyes, those whose eye looks angry, those who want a re-surgery.

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This information is a general guide; an individual condition decides the details of surgery, such as the method or price. So please decide with your doctor.


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