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Thread lifting

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Thread lifting

Type of Anesthesia :
Operation time :
Hospitalization :
Recovery time :
2 ~ 3 Days
Average Price (USD) :
$1,330 ~ $8,920

The thread lifting is surgery for reducing wrinkle by using a thread with a small bump like a rose spine. The medical thread used for thread lifting is generally made of polypropylene or polydioxanone, which is harmless to the human body and approved by the KFDA. The thread lifting inserts the thread under the skin and pulls the soft tissue uniformly and the sagged skin uniformly. To make the skin tighten.

Insert a needle with a thread on the ear side and lift the area where you want. Fix the inserted thread and seal.

This surgery is appropriate for someone who has wrinkle around the mouth, someone who wants fast result, someone who wants an elastic skin, someone who has sagging skin problem after facial contouring surgery, someone who wants quick recovery.


This information is a general guide; an individual condition decides the details of surgery, such as the method or price. So please decide with your doctor.


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