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The trend of eye surgery has changed…

by Docko
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There is an old Korean saying, “The eye is the window of the heart.” It means that the role of the eye is very important in a person’s impression.

Thus, plastic surgery in Korea has the highest rate of eye surgery. Many people have made extraordinary improvements. It was common in the past to have only a simple double eyelid surgery, but these days trend has changed to create beautiful eyes that are best suited to you by not only doing double eyelid, but also Epicanthoplasty, Lateral canthoplasty, Lateral hotz canthoplasty, and Ptosis correction depending on your eye condition.

This combination of eye shaping can help to create the desired eye line, and the whole image improvement effect can be expected.

Eye surgery depends on the condition of the eyes, so you must consult a specialist about planning with your eyes.


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