Terms of Service

by Docko

Article 1 Purpose

Baldic S.A. (the “Company”) has established the DOCKO Terms of Service so that members (those who have consented to these Terms of Use, hereinafter referred to as “Members”) will be able to access the DOCKO services provided by the Company more closely. Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully and understand the basic rights and meanings, responsibilities, conditions of use and procedures necessary to use the Service.

Article 2 Specification, validity and amendment of the Terms

1. The contents of this Agreement will be effective for all the members who agree to the Terms of Service by posting or otherwise notifying on the initial screen of the individual service or service provided by the Company.

2. The Company may, if necessary, modify these Terms and Conditions to the extent not inconsistent with applicable laws and regulations. In the event of a change to the Terms of Use, the Company shall notify the Member of the changes 15 days prior to the minimum enforcement date through the notice. In case of any unfavorable change to the Member, Notify or notify changes in a reasonably possible manner, such as by displaying a notification message in the service.

3. In the event that the Company has announced or notified in accordance with the preceding paragraph that it has been expressly declared to have approved it from the date of announcement or notification, If not, the changed terms are deemed to have been approved. If a member disagrees with the revised terms, the member may terminate the contract in accordance with the terms of the agreement.

Article 3.

Any matters not provided for in these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the relevant laws and regulations or the individual terms and conditions of the services provided by the Company, operating policies and rules (“Detailed Guidelines”). In case of conflict between the terms of this Agreement and the Detailed Guidelines, follow the detailed instructions.

Article 4 Creating and Linking Accounts

1. A DOCKO account is an e-mail used by a member (hereinafter referred to as “account”), and means a login account required for a member to use the service. The account is created by a process in which the member agrees to the terms and enters the necessary information and the approval of the information is accepted after the information is authenticated.

2. E-mail entered by DOCKO is a combination of letters, special characters and numbers registered to identify the person in the service. After the member agrees to the Terms of Service or these Terms and Conditions, It is created by a procedure that the company accepts.

Article 5 DOCKO Account Creation Rejection and Reservation

1. The Company may not accept user’s account creation in the following cases.

∙ If the Company has deleted the account by this Agreement.

∙ If the user tries to create an account using another person’s information such as e-mail address.

∙ In case of violation of other related laws or contrary to the standards set by the company such as detailed guidelines.

2. If it is found that the account has been created in violation of the above conditions, the Company may immediately suspend the service of the member or take appropriate restrictions such as deleting the account.

3. The Company may suspend the creation of accounts in the following cases:

∙ If there is no capacity for facility to provide service.

∙ If it is determined that there is a technical problem to provide the service

∙ In any condition that company deemed necessary financially or technically

Article 6 Account Management

1. Accounts are only available to members and not to others. And the member must manage the password directly so that no one else can use the member’s account without permission. The company may have to enter the password and go through additional procedures to prevent other people from unauthorized use of the member’s account. If unauthorized use is found, it should be reported to the Customer Center, and the Company must inform the Member how to prevent unauthorized use.

2. The member can view and modify the information of the member through the user information in the service. However, some information such as account and terminal identification number necessary for service provision and management may not be modified, and additional procedures may be necessary for modification. When there is any change in the information provided by the member in applying for the service, the member must notify the company through the service or by e-mail or customer center.

3. The Company shall not be liable for any damages incurred by members not modifying the information in the Service.

Article 7 Various service provision and change

1. The company provides a variety of services that members can enjoy on the Internet and mobile, including consulting services, online content providing services, and location-based services. Members can download the service from the application store of the smart phone or install the service or access the web page to use the service. However, the company can not provide details of the service because it provides various services that the member wants every moment. We hope that you will understand the circumstances of these companies and that the company will provide more detailed information on how to use individual services in the application store and the Q & A of each service, the corresponding guidance and notices.

2. The Company provides members with a free, personal, worldwide, non-transferable, non-exclusive license to the Software necessary to enable Members to use the Services at their sole discretion. However, the Company does not grant Members the right to use the Company’s trademarks and logos.

3. The company may provide the software update version required for the service for better service. Software updates include adding important features or removing unnecessary features. Members should update their services regularly to enjoy the service.

4. In order to provide better service, the Company may display various information including the notice, management message and other advertisements related to the use of the service to the service or send it directly to the member’s mail account.

5. If you encounter problems such as a system error while using the service, please feel free to contact the customer center (QnA).

6. Please note that if a member uses the service and connects to the wireless Internet which provides from local service provider without using the Wi-Fi wireless Internet, you will be charged a separate data communication charge from the local service provider. Data communication fees incurred during the use of the service shall be paid by the member to the local service provider at the member’s expense and responsibility. For more information on data rates, please contact your local service provider.

Article 8 Service Usage and Precautions

1. Members are free to use the service, but do not forget that they can not be used in the wrong way as shown below.

– Members may not access the Service in any way that interferes with the provision of the Service in the wrong way or other than by the way the Company directs it.

– Unauthorized collection, use or provision of information of other service members to others, use of the service for commercial purposes, information to post false information about the obscene information, copyright infringement, company or third party etc. Or any other information that violates the provisions of this Act.

– Do not copy, modify, distribute, sell, assign, lease, collateralize or allow others to use the Service or any part of the Software contained therein without the Company’s consent, Copying, decompiling, imitating, or otherwise modifying the service, including any attempt to do so is prohibited.

2. The member shall not assign or give the other user a right to use the service or any other contract of use, and shall not provide it as collateral.

3. If the member does not comply with the related laws, company’s terms or policies, the company may investigate the violation of the member, delete or temporarily delete the post, You can permanently block or limit re-entry.

4. The Company may send a message to the registered e-mail address of the member if the member has not logged in or logged in to use the service for the period specified in the statute, and may delete or separate the information of the member after notification. The use contract may be terminated if insufficient information is available for use. Also, if a member does not log in for three months, email reception of the service may be restricted.

Article 9 Management of posts

1. If the member’s post contains contents that violate related laws such as information law and copyright law, the right holder may ask to stop posting or delete the corresponding post according to the procedures determined by the relevant laws of the company.

2. The Company may take provisional measures against such postings in cases where there is a reason for the infringement to be recognized even if there is no request of the right holder, or if it is in violation of other company’s policies and related laws.

3. The detailed procedures related to the above shall be in accordance with the procedure set by the company within the scope of information related laws and copyright law.

Article 10 Ownership of Rights and Use of Works

1. Members may post content (“Posts”) such as photographs, articles, information, images, opinions or suggestions about the Docko service or company, and the intellectual property rights including copyright are belongs to the holder.

2. If a member posts a post to the DOCKO service, the post may be exposed to all of the DOCKO services and may be used, stored, modified, reproduced, publicly transmitted, exhibited, distributed, etc. And provides the company with a worldwide, perpetual license to use it. This License shall survive any termination or termination of use by Members. The rights granted to Members by the Members in this License shall be used to operate, improve, promote and develop new services.

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