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Main Attractions on Line 9

Gimpo Int’l Airport Station, Exit 3, approx. 5-min walk

Visitors flying through Gimpo International Airport can easily enjoy Lotte Mall, a multi-purpose shopping complex featuring a movie theater, department store, supermarket and restaurants, in addition to a hotel. Connected to the airport is Lotte Mall’s Skywalk, decorated with gardens and fountains. In between the park and the mall is Sunken Square, where concerts, autograph sessions with K-pop stars and other seasonal events are occasionally held.

Yangcheon Hyanggyo Station, Exit 1 or 2, approx. 10-min walk

If visiting a school from the Joseon Dynasty is on your travel list, be sure to get off at Yangcheon Hyanggyo Station. Yancheonghyanggyo Confusion School is located just a 7 minute walking distance from the station. The school was built to pass down the state ideology of Confucianism and to hold a memorial service for Confucius. The only Confucian school in Seoul, the compound is comprised of Daeseongjeon Shrine, a hall for the memorial service, Dongjae (east hall) & Seojae (west hall) where students stayed, in addition to a small outdoor traditional culture square for lectures and performances.

Seonyudo Station, Exit 2, approx. 20-min walk

Seonyudo Park is frequently visited by locals enjoying the scenery of the Hangang River; especially from the observatory deck which has the most stunning view of the river. Chatting with friends while walking along the park trails on a fine day is a favorite pastime for many Seoulites. The park also has varied attractions such as a botanical garden, grassy field, water playground and water purification center. If you’re lucky, you might even be startled by rabbits jumping out of the bushes in this urban park!

National Assembly Station, Exit 6, approx. 2-min walk

The National Assembly is where the nation’s laws are made, as well as finance and government policies are deliberated. The building is a landmark of Yeouido, the hub of many important sectors, including politics, banking, security, and press. The complex consists of the main assembly building, the Library of Congress, Congressmen’s Hall, Memorial Hall and more. The 24 granite columns, each 32.5 meters in height, are the most important feature of the building, representing the 24 seasonal solar terms. In addition, the eight pillars at the building’s front symbolize the eight provinces of Korea. The large, blue dome is another representative feature of the National Assembly Building. Don’t miss out on the sculptures of “Haetae (a mythical unicorn lion, Seoul’s symbol)” and “Peace and Prosperity” on the road to the main building.


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