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Main Attractions on Line 7

Dream Forest: Hagye Station, Exit 5, approx. 10-min by bus

Dream Forest is considered one of Seoul’s top parks, along with Olympic Park, World Cup Park, and Seoul Forest.Designed with diverse themed forest paths, such as bamboo forest and maple tree forest, the park is a perfect place to go for a walk. A detailed map of the park is available in Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese at the Visitors Information Center. Visitors can drop by there in advance to plan their course around the park.

Wolyeongji Pond is a major attraction of the park, especially in spring when cherry blossoms are in full bloom. The pond stands in harmony with an elegant pavilion and visitors can feel the aura of a traditional Korean garden. The towering observatory housed inside Dream Forest Art Center is also frequented by international visitors, as the famous TV drama “Iris (2009)” was filmed here.Connecting Stations: Wolgye Station (Seoul Subway Line 1), Mia Station (Seoul Subway Line 4), Miasageori Station (Seoul Subway Line 4)

Children’s Grand Park: Children’s Grand Park Station, Exit 1, approx. 1-min walk

A family theme park nestled in downtown Seoul, Children’s Grand Park features a wide range of programs and facilities for children and youth. The park is also frequented by dating couples who come to bask in the beautiful landscape highlighted by cherry blossoms in the spring and colorful leaves in the fall. The park is divided into Seoul Land, Theme Garden, and Seoul Zoo.Connecting Station: Achasan Station (Seoul Subway Line 5)

Common Ground: Konkuk Univ. Station, Exit 6, approx. 5-min walk

Built using 200 shipping containers, Common Ground is a pop-up container shopping mall housing trendy clothing brands, eateries and more. After shopping inside the container mall, you can step outside to the large square at the center to take in the sunlight. Thanks to the mall’s effort in introducing a vast selection of retail stores and food businesses, visitors here have no time to be bored. The food trucks in the outdoor terrace and the square offer plenty of gastronomic delights.Connecting Station: Konkuk Univ. Station (Seoul Subway Line 2)

Ttukseom Hangang Park: Ttukseom Resort Station, Exit 2 or 3, approx. 1-min walk

A unique structure will capture the attention of any travelers’ looking out of the subway window just before entering the Ttukseom Resort area from Cheongdam Station. It is the Ttukseom Observatory and Culture Complex, better known as the Jabeolle (meaning inchworm) or J-Bug, which has become the symbol of Ttukseom Hangang Park. This 240-meter long cylindrical-shaped facility creates an uncanny contrast against the adjacent railroad bridge and the overpass. On days when the weather is nice, the park’s grass field is often crowded with people who bring their lunch and mats for a picnic by the Hangang River.


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