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Main Attractions on Line 3

Daehwa Station, Exit 2, approx. 10-min walk

KINTEX, an international exhibition and convention center, holds large-scale exhibitions throughout the year. A special theme park centered on the animated cartoon character Pororo is extremely popular among children. Located in the vicinity is the multi-cultural space of Onemount, which is comprised of a year-round water park, snow park, and shopping mall. Visitors with children are recommended to drop by KINTEX and Onemount.

Jeongbalsan Station, Exit 1, approx. 10-min walk

Until the creation of Sejong Lake Park, Ilsan Lake Park was the largest man-made lake in Korea. The park is divided into two parts around the lake, with Wolpajeong Pavilion on Dalmaji Island at the center of the lake visible from both sides. The northern part contains a nature learning center, while the southern side provides rest areas such as Hanwool Plaza, allowing visitors to enjoy a relaxing getaway.

The park is equipped with an approximately 4.7 kilometer-long bicycle trail and an 8.3 kilometer-long walking trail along the lakeside. Bicycle rental is available within the park grounds. Every year from the end of April to early May, International Horticulture Goyang Korea turns the lakeside into an extensive flower garden. Also inside the park is the Goyang New Hallyu Gallery, where visitors can see latest hallyu contents.

Dongnimmun Station, Exit 5, approx. 3-min walk

This historic site opened in 1908 under the name of Gyeongseong Prison and was used as a jailhouse until 1987. It reopened as Seodaemun Prison History Museum in 1998. During the Japanese Colonial Period, the prison held many Korean independence fighters. After the national liberation, many pro-democracy activists were jailed by the military dictatorships that emerged in the postcolonial period. As a result, the museum is a symbol of the turbulent times of Korea’s modern history. Visitors to the museum can also go for a walk at the nearby Seodaemun Independence Park.

Gyeongbokgung Station, Exit 5, approx. 3-min walk

Gyeongbokgung Palace was the first royal palace built during the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). The palace consists of the main hall Geunjeongjeon Hall, Sajeongjeon Hall, Gangnyeongjeon Hall, Gyeonghoeru Pavilion, and several other annex buildings. A wide range of events are regularly hosted to offer a glimpse into ancient palace ceremonies.

Besides the daily Opening and Closing of the Royal Palace Gates and Royal Guard Changing Ceremony, some of the best ways to enjoy Gyeongbokgung Palace include the occasional nighttime openings, Gyeonghoeru Pavilion Special Exhibition (advanced reservation required), the Walk of the Royal Family, and Opening of Janggo Storage (fermented sauce warehouse), which are held on specific dates.


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