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Main Attractions on Line 2

Hapjeong Station, Exit 5 or 6, approx. 5-min walk

If you want to enjoy a laid back experience in the heart of the city, Hapjeong-dong Café Street is one of the best places to go. The alleys surrounding Hapjeong Station are dotted with cafés that boast unique interiors, making the neighborhood an ideal destination to go for a leisure walk. Hapjeong-dong Café Street not only has coffee shops suited to young people’s tastes, but there are also fast food restaurants, family restaurants, bakeries, and other diverse themed cultural spaces. While strolling along the charming street and adjacent alleys, you can feel the distinct atmosphere of Hapjeong-dong through the shop windows and interiors.

Streets of Youth (Cultural Streets)

  • Hongdae Street:Hongik Univ. Station (Seoul Subway Line 2) Exit 9, approx. 5-min walk
  • Sinchon Street:Sincheon Station (Seoul Subway Line 2), approx. 5-min walk
  • Edae Street:Ewha Womans Univ. Station (Seoul Subway Line 2), Exit 2 or 3, approx. 5-min walk

Dubbed “Streets of Youth,” the districts around Hongik University (Hongdae), Ewha Womans University (Edae), and Sinchon are always brimming with youth and energy. When the sun goes down and the streets light up, the neighborhoods take on an even more vibrant atmosphere and become packed with people, especially on weekends. It is here that you can check out the latest trends of the young people in Korea. In particular, the streets of Hongdae and the surrounding areas are popular filming locations for movies and dramas, making Hongdae a popular tourist destination for Hallyu fans. Head to the streets of youth to experience Korean culture filled with youthful vigor and discover an endless list of fashion, attractions, activities, and dining options!

City Hall Station, Exit 4, approx. 10-min walk

Just a short walk from City Hall Station is Cheonggyecheon Stream, a relaxing place for both tourists and local citizens. At the start of the stream, visitors can find the Candlelight Fountain illuminated in three harmonious colors and a two-tiered waterfall that descends four meters into the stream below. The waterfall is particularly stunning at night with its multi-colored illuminations and creates a refreshing sight of water cascading on sultry summer days. Each year in November, the stream is brightly lit with many beautiful lanterns during the Seoul Lantern Festival. Cheonggyecheon Stream has become a popular cultural destination among tourists.

City Hall Station, Exit 5, approx. 1-min walk

Opened in May 2004, Seoul Plaza is a round grassy plaza, designed to resemble the full moon, spanning around 13,000 square meters in front of Seoul City Hall. The plaza is the venue of diverse, large-scale cultural events. Every winter, a giant Christmas tree is erected and the plaza operates an outdoor ice skating rink, providing another way to enjoy the city.


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