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Orthodontic surgery

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Orthodontic surgery

Type of Anesthesia :
Operation time :
1h 30m
Hospitalization :
Recovery time :
1 ~ 2 Weeks
Average Price (USD) :
$13,300 ~ $23,940

Orthodontic surgery is necessary for people who suffer from inconveniences in life due to uneven teeth. Orthognathic surgery is a fundamental solution for people who have a functional problem that occurred from the wrong position of the jaw.

Orthodontic surgery has two purposes, one for cosmetic and another one is for functioning. This surgery breaks a bone, so you have to be hospitalized and should take a long schedule for recovery. The detail of operation depends on the condition of the patient, so you should make a decision with medical specialist.

It is recommended for people who have sleep apnea, chin pain, pronunciation problems, people who need chin correction due to the short chin, people who have trouble when breathing with their nose, people who their chin is unbalanced.


This information is a general guide; an individual condition decides the details of surgery, such as the method or price. So please decide with your doctor.


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