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Mammary areola surgery

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Mammary areola surgery

Type of Anesthesia :
Operation time :
Hospitalization :
Recovery time :
1 ~ 2Weeks
Average Price (USD) :
$1,600 ~ $3,120

Calibration is required if the size of the mammary areola is too big. Mammary areola surgery is an operation that cuts the edge of the mammary areola or the circumference of the nipple to ideally reduce the size of the mammary areola.

If the mammary areola is very wide, remove the outer mammary areola part and stitch up. If the mammary areola is small, remove the mammary areola from the papilla and then stitch up.

Suitable to who has a problem with big mammary areola.


This information is a general guide; an individual condition decides the details of surgery, such as the method or price. So please decide with your doctor.


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