by Docko
It’s my first time Korea, how can I go to the hospital?

On the reservation page, you can use the [Way to go] feature to search for directions to the hospital via Google Maps.

What if I can not speak Korean?

Please contact us via DOCKO. All inquiries received through DOCKO will be translated into Korean and delivered directly to the hospital.

Why is it so important to get a plastic consulting service at DOCKO?

Are you interested in Korean plastic surgery?
Meet with Korean specialists now through DOCKO.
A plastic surgery center, Gangnam famous plastic specialists will solve your troubles.

Are there any other means of communication other than a phone call to the hospital?

Emergency contact to hospital is for emergency. If you have any questions, please contact DOCKO Customer Service via [Contact Us] in the DOCKO app.

Which hospital is DOCKO’s reliable hospital?

DOCKO introduces only hospitals that have been selected by the Korean government as "foreign patient attraction organizations".

‘What does’ like’ mean in a plastic surgery guide or information?

The 'Like' mark on the plastic surgery guide or information means that the information is recommended by other users of DOCKO. Try to click "Like" on the information you like.

I’m curious about how to search for plastic surgery information.

You can search for the plastic surgery information by pressing the [more] button at the center of the home screen with 'search term'.

I hid the re-surgery and visited the hospital.

Unlike the first surgery, re-surgery is risky and requires more information, which is also essential for the safety of the patient. If you hide the re-surgery, the hospital may refuse the surgery.

The content of the guide and the contents of the actual consultation are different.

DOCKO provides the plastic surgery guide for general information. According to the preliminary examination through the consultation with the actual specialist, the medical opinion may be different at the hospital. DOCKO's plastic guide and information are only for reference purposes when using the service.

It is the same surgery, but the difference of price is big. Why?

The cost of surgery is determined not only by the ability of the doctor, but also by various peripheral factors, including the availability of the latest medical devices, the method of operation, and the presence of a recovery room.

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