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Facial fat transfer

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Facial fat transfer

Type of Anesthesia :
Operation time :
Hospitalization :
Recovery time :
2 ~ 3 Weeks
Average Price (USD) :
Purpose of this surgery is to fill hollow part of the face by injecting autologous fat. This surgery injects fat to make a balance of the face of each section harmoniously and make naturally three-dimensional face.
Extract unnecessary fat from the thighs and abdomen and extract pure fat cells from the fat tissue. After extraction, add PRP to pure adipocytes to increase the engraftment rate and then injected into the required site.

This surgery is suitable to people who look older because of wrinkles, those who have a lack of volume on cheeks has sharp impressions, need a three-dimensional face, short jaws, asymmetric jaws, irregular jawlines.


This information is a general guide; an individual condition decides the details of surgery, such as the method or price. So please decide with your doctor.


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