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Aging spots that you did not care about

by Docko
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Two things reveal your aging. Those two things is a neck wrinkle and a hand wrinkle. Whenever they appear, it’s hard to hide them and remove them.

In the old days, a reason for neck wrinkle was aging, lack of skin elasticity, chin fat. But these days, the growth of IT made to do everything in your mobile device and that, growth of IT, made you do a bad habit, bowing your head. And it makes neck wrinkle. It’s unnoticed and gives a minimal impression in the early stage so that you might get your mind off of it. But the skin of the neck is exceptionally thin, so the speed of the neck’s aging is faster than other bodies. On top of this, a muscle of neck is too weak to hold skin. Therefore also a young age people should beware of the neck’s wrinkle and care them.

Medical thread lifting is a classic treatment for neck wrinkle; it shows the effect fast, small scars, and a quick recovery. Each hospital has various medical thread for lifting, and each medical thread has its characteristic. So you should decide with your surgeon and find which thread suits you.


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